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"Ratha and the Named", a book series currently consisting of five books ("Ratha's Creature", "Clan Ground", "Ratha and Thistle-Chaser", "Ratha's Challenge", "Ratha's Courage") chronicles the life, adventures, and mishaps of Ratha, a member of a clan of prehistoric (Miocene era, 25-20 mya) cats who call themselves the Named. The books are written by Clare Bell, who is also the author of "Tomorrow's Sphinx", "People of the Sky", "The Jaguar Princess", and two short stories, "Bomber and the Bismarck" and "Catfantastic II", the latter of which was featured in a short story anthology ("Constellation of Cats") collected by Denise Little.


The Books

Ratha's Creature

Clan Ground

Ratha and Thistle-Chaser

Ratha's Challenge

Ratha's Courage

The Cats

The Named

Clare Bell based the Named off of a multitude of various cat species, both extinct and not, including cheetahs, cougars, lions, and the extinct Dinaelurus crassus. She gave the Named the pseudo-scientific name Dinaelurus illumina sapiens to describe the cats' base species and their intelligence. The Named classify themselves as named cats with the 'gift' of speech and intelligence and a deeper sense of self, and recognize the 'gift' by whether or not a cat has the light of intelligence in his or her eyes.

The Un-Named

The Un-Named are also large cats of the same species as the Named, however, most of them lack the higher intelligence of the Named. They are often more aggressive than their Clan counterparts, and do not normally live in large groups. Lack of prey puts them into conflict with the Named, as the Un-Named will often attempt raids on the herd animals of the Named.

The Hunter Tribe

The Characters

Main/Major Characters


The main character. Ratha's adventures begin when she learns to tame fire, which she calls the Red Tongue. Currently the leader of the named.


Ratha's teacher.



Ratha's daughter, whom Ratha crippled when Thistle-Chaser was born. Before she knew this, she called herself Newt. Lives with "Sea Mares", Creatures who live in the water and eat oysters.

Aree (and offspring)

Aree is a Lemur whom Thakur found and adopted during the mating season. Aree was crippled, and instead of eating her, he took her in. Later, Aree was chased out by Shongshar, where she found and mated, before Ratha found her again. Named Aree due to the sound Aree makes. The ofspring known are named Ratharee, Fessree, and Biaree.


The leader of The Named before Ratha. Went insane, then Died, being burned to death by The Red Tongue.


Ratha's mate; Part of the Unnamed. Died when being attacked by The Named.


Shongshar was an outsider who joined the group, and attempted to overthrow Ratha. Eventually killed. Named after a pup that died before growing up.

Supporting Characters


Once mated with Shongshar, but the pup ended up unintelligant, so he was left to starve alone. Owns a lemur by the name of Biaree.




A pup whom was burned because Shongshar pushed into the flames. Currently still alive.



Fessran's pup. Burned because he was careless around the Red Tongue, then was shunned by others. Drowned in a flooded Cavern Shongshar used to lead everyone.


Fessran's son. Supported Shongshar and would do anything that Shongshar told him to. Drowned when Ratha, Thakur, and Fessran flooded the cave that Shongshar used to lead.


Fessran's son. Rescues an abandoned Un-Named cub that eventually becomes Mishanti. Discovers strange creatures that have tails on their faces (Mammoths).

Quiet Hunter

A cat of the Hunter's Tribe. Saved by Thistle-Chaser when he was hit by the tusks of a mammoth.


The leader of the hunter's tribe, communicates and leads the tribe though a telepathic song. Nearly dies by falling off of a cliff after overseeing Thistlechaser do this by accident. Saved by Fessran, Thakur, and Ratha.

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